Monday, February 5, 2018

Just a bit about my Etsy shop

You may note a widget in the right sidebar which statea that my "pocket shop" (Etsy store) is empty.  A few months back Etsy changed their policies in regard to how sellers get paid.  Previously, we were free to choose PayPal as our only acceptable method of payment.  However, they changed their rules to allow people with Apple Pay to be able to pay for purchases.  This would not be a problem IF we were given a choice.  However, choice was taken away from us and Etsy wanted our bank account numbers.  They were going to gather any payments and send them to us at regular intervals.  Sorry, but with all the identity theft going on, I just do not feel that Etsy needs my banking information.  Had I been permitted, I would have continued to accept PayPal only but that choice has been removed from me.  No one was "grandfathered",  despite how long one had been selling on Etsy.  So, for now, my shop is on permanent vacation as I do not want to give Etsy my banking information.  Had that been the rule when I signed up as a seller, I would have had to accept that or choose not to open a shop.  

I would imagine that most senior citizen sellers count on immediate payment through PayPal to have 
the funds available for shipping.  The new ruling would delay my ability to ship until Etsy sent payment to my bank. I prided myself on trying to mail packages the same day as the order was received, or at least the next day, but this new ruling would make that impossible. I gave all the fabrics away to charity, all 8 bags.  Thanks for your understanding.  I miss having my shop but just do not like being told what form of payment I must accept. 

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