Sunday, November 4, 2012

Is there a wedding coming up in your family?

Sometimes our friends will not "toot" their own horns and we must do it for them.  I have a friend who makes gorgeous bridal headpieces and I keep telling her she needs a blog to get people to her Etsy shop.  I know she will do a blog eventually but in the mean time, I am doing some horn tooting and flag-waving for her, to promote the exquisite things she makes.  I met her because she translated and reworked French sewing patterns for a doll named Bleuette, and converted these translations into kits to sew.   I won't go into how many of her kits filled with vintage fabrics and trims are sitting in my closet waiting to be made.  Messing up terrifies me because I cannot just go out and get more of her vintage fabrics.  Suffice it to say she has an "eye" for beauty whether it be in doll clothes or bridal headpieces and her fabric and trim choices are beyond compare.
Anyway, back to her bridal headpieces.  If you know someone getting married, please refer her to my friend's Etsy shopped called Joy & Felicity.  The link is here:
Should the link not work, just go to Etsy and look for a shop named Joy & Felicity.  Her work is perfection and her designs are exquisite.  Thanks!
And here is a bit of the beauty she creates:


Pattyskypants said...

Really pretty and very unique!!

Dru said...

Very pretty - I'm going to take a look in a minute. How are you after the storm? Hugs, Dru

Nancy said...
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