Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rest in Peace, Thomas Kinkade

How did I not hear of this, watching the news last night?  I am so saddened to hear of the early passing of a man who brought so much beauty and light into people's lives, but how glorious for a man of his faith, that he died on Good Friday and is home with his Lord for Easter.

I was a member of his Collector's Society for several years and treasure the members-only prints that I was able to buy, or which were gifted to me by my children, each year.  Always beautiful, but now in sorrow, even more so.

A light has truly gone out with his passing.  My sincere sympathy to his family and my gratitude to God for the gift that was Thomas Kinkade.  Now he is painting the heavens.


Myrna said...

Such a shame. His work was much loved.

Ivory Spring said...

I hadn't known until I came to your blog. :(