Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flying shuttle - maybe

Every once in a while I will find something at the thrift store of which I have no need, but am sure there is someone who will want it.  Now, I know nothing about weaving, other than the barest minimum of how it is done by hand.  What I got yesterday is a shuttle - possibly a flying shuttle from what one weaver told me - and while I can read the name of the company, extended searching for information about the company has revealed only one citing - in the business directory of a journal called Posselt's Textile Journal, in the November 1910 issue.  The company which made this shuttle is the Pavia Shuttle Co. and it is marked accordingly on the bottom of the shuttle, carved into the wood.  Towards one end of the top of the shuttle is the word "Left" and the number "1". 

Here is the article which mentioned the company:
Perhaps there is a business ad for the company but I was perusing this at 2 AM so may have missed it.

I have written to three weavers requesting information, and have forwarded the photo to them today.  If you have any information about this, or the Pavia Shuttle Co., I would be very grateful for the information.   Should it be something in which you are interested, it will be in my Etsy shop here:

Thanks for looking:


Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Thanks, Patrice. U of A wrote back and said they knew nothing other than they they published a journal in the public domain. All other references were to a town in Italy, where weaving was done, but could find no other reference to this company. I hope someone knows something about it.

marian said...

Hi Nancy, i happen to have a couple of those..yes it is a weaving shuttle. btw i'm also a weaver and i collect vintage weaving bits & bobs. cheers...Marian

Nancy said...

Marian, thanks for letting me know I was on the right track. If you know of anyone who would like it, just let me know. Halcyon thought it might be cedar!

betty said...

My husband used that style of shuttle to tie a shrimp cast net. He had several shuttles and made many nets with them. One shuttle was made of bamboo. They were all old and had been passed down from his grandfather.