Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can you help a young Amish boy?

I just received a blog post from Amish America which told about a benefit for a young Amish boy, Amos Hertzler, who was born with an esophageal problem that has required expensive surgery.  There has been a benefit breakfast to help the family cover the balance of what is owed on the hospital bill. 

For the past 40 years, I have lived a little over an hour from the Lancaster Amish community and have long admired the Amish and their life style.  I don't think I could live it (I like TV too much, and my car), but I do admire them.  I feel so bad for this little boy and for the struggle the parents are going through trying to cover the balance of a very high hospital bill. (The Amish do not have health insurance and others in the community generally rally to help cover expenses like this). 

If you have a minute, please read the story about the benefit breakfast here: and if you can spare a few dollars, I am sure the family will be most grateful.  The information about the fun to help Amos is in the article.  It's nice to have someone help when we are up to our necks in alligators.  Thanks for listening.


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Pattyskypants said...

This is a very nice thing for you to do! xxoo