Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can you help me find a fabric?

When I left Maine to move back to PA in the winter of 2008, I put special things by the door, to remember to load them into the car right before I left.  Sadly, in my haste to leave before yet another snow storm, these special things got left behind - including a small bear my son made me (by cutting up his sister's bathrobe when he was 6 and had poison ivy), a bunny that I pulled off a shelf at Bonwit's when I was 2 (much worse for the wear), special family photos and a bag of beautiful doll clothes that I had received in various Bleuette Round Robins.  While I miss them all,  I could recreate one of the doll outfits IF I could find the fabric.  It might have been purchased at JoAnn's, 2008 or before,  and while we all try to sew with natural fiber fabrics for these dolls, this may have been rayon or polyester.  The doll is 10-5/8 inches tall, so that should help you with the scale.  If you have 1/4 or 1/2 yard of this I would be so grateful and will gladly pay for it.  The ribbon trim was added separately and thus is not part of the fabric.  I tried lost fabric sites but they all seem to be for quilting fabrics. Thanks so very much!

On another note, I see that my number of followers is increasing.  Perhaps it is time for more blog candy.  Hmmm, at 125 or 150?  I will think about it and will post when I have decided on the magic number.  Nancy


Pattyskypants said...

Without a doubt, I can verify I DO NOT have that fabric. So sad, though, that you left those things behind! xxoo

Nancy said...

I try not to think about it, Patrice, because it is so upsetting.

Terri said...

Oh so sorry to say I do not have that fabric Nancy. I wish you the best of luck finding it.
I am so sorry you left your box behind. That has happened to me too, and I always wonder what happened to it.