Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photo-inspired card challenge

I get the updates on Julie Glasgow's blog (Stampin Cabin) in my inbox through e-mail subscription.  I don't think Julie has even seen my card challenge but this is a card she made for another challenge, and I think it is a very literal interpretation of my photo-inspired card challenge.  If you are stumped, I hope you will take a peek at Julie's blog.  You may even decide to follow her because she does make some wonderful cards.  I could not believe how appropriate this was for my own card challenge.  That said, you do not have to interpret my theme this literally.  You may use any component of the photo for inspiration - the gold mask, the music theme, the Mardi-Gras beads, even the blue tulle in the upper left.  Photos tend to speak differently to different people, so just let it inspire you and if you wish to make a card, I would love to see it.   Enjow browsing Julie's blog.

Here is her link: 

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Sparkly Engineer said...

A lovely card and a great blog. I will definitely be following her blog. Thanks for the great tip.