Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peddler's Village, Lahaska, PA

A recent visit to Peddler's Village in Bucks County, PA (town of Lahaska, near the Bucks County SPCA) showed that it was too early in the season for much to be in bloom, but photos are always taken, so I will share them, as well as some photos of the quilt exhibit that was going on (although the quilts are in the gazebo and it is too hot in there to be good for them).  The quilts were judged in various categories such as Traditional, Amish, Applique, Potluck, and there were categories for children's submissions also.  The gazebo is small and there was a railing to keep people from getting close to the quilts, so the photos are not the best but I love the inspiration anyway.   One of the best quilt shows I ever attended was the one in the boathouse in Belfast, ME.



Bridge over stream

Koi pond

Lovely shade of blue crocus


Myrna said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.
Those quilts are gorgeous.

Mandy said...

Beautiful photos Nancy and the quilts are gorgeous
hugs Mandy xx

Dru said...

Such beautiful quilts - so much work and so worth it. Love the dovescote and the photos of the old bridge. Hugs, Dru

Angie Williams said...

Beautiful photos! We still have a few feet of snow to melt down before any chance of crocuses. I just love them though!

Pattyskypants said...

You know, I just cannot look at a nine patch quilt without drooling! What IS it about that pattern! So simple, but so SUPER. xxoo Patty

Nancy said...

Patty, I agree completely. If I could have only one block to make, it would be a nine patch!

Card Crazy said...

Wonderful pictures. Love the blue crocus (never seen that color crocus before!) and those quilts are gorgeous.
Sue S.

uhooi said...

The work is interesting and very creative,,

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Hi nancy :) I've had you on my heart lately. I hope all is well wih you. Beautiful pics! Have a great wkd!

Nancy said...

What beautiful quilts! I can't imagine the hours that goes into making one. Amazing.

Love the outdoor photos too, especially the bridge and koi pond.


Micki said...

I have been to Peddlers Village and remember how wonderful it was. I really enjoyed seeing your pics. Thanks again for your email.

Julia said...

Hi Nancy,

Could you get in touch with me about the Tilda doll please? I have emailed to both of your email addresses recently, but no reply so far, but I know you sometimes have problems with your email addresses. It's just from what you said in your last email to me in May, I had expected to have received the fabric by now. I've made the doll - I just need the fabric to make her dress.

I look forward to hearing from you.



scrappy quilter said...

Answered your e-mail. Hope you getit. Hugs

Khris said...

Hi Nancy....can you please make contact regarding the FRIENDS swap you have put your name down for please. Thanks Khris

Khris said...

Nancy I have had to remove you from the FRIENDS swap as I have had no contact to the many emails I have sent you. I have let your partner know and she has decided to sit aside for the swap as she has had no response either. I am not sure if you are unwell or what but if you are I hope things are better for you.
Hugs Khris

injoyinmylife said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by my blog to help me out about the cranberries. I will take your advice. I appreciate it. I just read through your blog and wonder if you are still posting. Interestingly enough - I had to quit working due to severe fibro too. I'm much better since I can now take better care of myself. Good to meet you!

Jules said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Cool quilts! My boyf's mom is 88 and has been quilting all her life. She's won several awards through the years. :)

The crocus photos are lovely, and I love the bridge over the stream too.

Terri said...

I do love Crocuses! They always bring cheer!

The quilts are all amazing. It is hard to pick a favorite. I do enjoy quilt shows! I saw one in England that was held in a Norman church, it was quite the experience!