Sunday, February 6, 2011

I won a digi stamp from LaLaLand Crafts!

WOW!  I almost did not sign into Facebook tonight, but something made me decide to do so, before I called it a day.  I was reading the most recent News Feed and discovered that I won a digi stamp from LaLaLand Crafts.  I am SO excited.  This will be my first from them, but I already have a list of others that I want.  What would we do without Wish Lists? 

LaLaLand Crafts has digi and rubber stamps, so be sure to check their BLOG.  

I was given my choice of any digi stamp, and it was so hard to narrow it down to one, but decided on Fancy Dress Marci because her dress reminds me of a favorite one fron high school!  It will be a little while until I can create with her because my right hand is in a splint (amazing how well you can learn to type one-handed), but I am anxious for the sprain to resolve. She will be my first digi image, and I hope I do her justice.  This is the digi I chose:

Irina, thank you so much for this kindness!  It is very much appreciated.


Eulanda said...

You`re kidding!!! How ironic cuz you were interested in it right from the beginning. Wow!! Gotta like how that worked out for you!

Nancy said...

Isn't that amazing? Did you see the dress I mentioned in my high school album on my FB page?

Pam S. said...

congrats Nancy! You made an excellent choice! You'll have fun coloring this Marci for sure!
Pam Going Postal

Census said...

I hope your hand is getting better. I tried send you an other email but it bounced I have sent it again, hopefully you'll get this one.
Have a great day!!

Cindy said...

That is a very cute digi!!
Congrats on winning!!