Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please help my friend, Mary

My friend, Mary, makes beautiful cards. She is hoping to be considered for several design teams. Won't you please consider following her blog, so that the companies can see she has a good following, and will consider her? Her cards are amazing, as are her ideas and her technique.  The photos below show a Christmas card she sent me in 2009.  I know you cannot see the sparkle or the fact that the sleigh pops off the inside of the card.   It is absolutely amazing.  On the face of the card, she embossed the background behind the wee mousie.  The stars in the sky have been "glitterized" and the snow on which the mouse walks is a very appropriate, coarse glitter that sparkles like new fallen snow.   The little present is heavily glittered also.  She used a Sizzix die for the sleigh, and then colored and cut out the mouse to sit in the sleigh.  I have received many a hand-made card that takes my breath away but for now, I want to share this one from Mary and ask your help.  She truly deserves the opportunity.  She has even made lovely pins using a rubber-stamped design on a medium I cannot identify, adding a pin back.  I have received many compliments on this lovely Asian style pin.

Her technique is exceptional and she deserves to be considered for the design teams.  However, she needs followers to be considered.  Please help her.   Here is the link for her blog:

Thank you.


Card Crazy said...

Hope you get a lot of responses, Nancy. I've been following Mary Anne for several months and I agree with you. Her work is lovely and most deserving.
Sue S.

Nancy said...

Hi Sue, I hope so too. Mary makes wonderful cards and I hope more people learn about her. I don't have a lot of followers but hopefully if a few of us post something similar, we should be able to help her.

Ashley Sisk said...

I'll definitely go check out her cards. I also wanted to let you know that I got your email but my response bounced back. Can you email me directly at I'd love to respond to your question.

JazzyH said...

Thanks for the blog from your friend Mary. I have added her.